Dawn Stars - Koidu Tähed

Koidu Tähed celebrating their 15th year of operation.

Their cooperation began in 2008, when in cooperation with the Estonian Folk Culture Center, a training session on the topic "Inherited Song of Southern Estonia" was organized in Sangaste Seltsimaja. The singers who participated in the training became a group of friends who later formed the Sangaste parish runic song ensemble - Koidu Tähed.


Photo 1. Koidu Tähed at “Urvaste kihelkonna päev”, 28.08.2022. Arvi Vahkal’s photo.



Photo 2. Koidu Tähed at a singing camp, Urvaste parish, 26.07.2022. Koidu Ahk’s photo.


For 15 years, the ensemble has been led by traditional musician and Valga Music School 

teacher Koidu Ahk. In the early years, the "home" of the ensemble was Sangaste Seltsimaja, 

but in recent years, rehearsals have been held in the Tsirguliina library and at the ensemble 

members' homes in various places across Southern Estonia.

The ensemble has made it its mission to introduce and promote

 the unique bourdon runic songs in Estonia, for example, the runic songs of Sangaste, 

Karula and Hargla parishes. 

The repertoire also includes song arrangements with instrumental accompaniment.

Performances can be listened to on their YouTube channel: 

Koidu Tähed - Laisad neiud

Koidu Tähed - Kaegõ, sõsara, häälesidä 

Koidu Tähed - Siil, kost sa silmä sai

Imemaa - Koidu Tähed

For many years, the ensemble has led the folk music day of Valgamaa, 

performed at Valga Museum, Valga municipality and other cultural events. 

Another good cooperation partner is the Cultural Centre of Valka, 

which they have visited many times. 

The ensemble has conducted runic song workshops at the Viljandi Traditional Music Festival, 

participated together with the ensemble Bombillaz at the Sangaste Rye Day 

Rukkipääv - Bombillazat Hiiu Folk etc. At Mooste festival of traditional music 

processing "Moisekatsi Elohelü" Koidu Tähed were recognized 

with a special award Moisekatsi Elohelü.